Poultry with a European passport
25 / 04

Import experts from major poultry companies from Japan and Hong Kong on a study visit to Poland

Import experts from major poultry companies from Japan and Hong Kong on a study visit to Poland

We are extremely pleased with the success of the study visit of representatives from Asian markets, full of practical knowledge, which took place on April 8-11 2024. As part of the “Poultry with a European Passport” campaign, our guests, representatives of leading companies importing poultry to the Japanese and Hong Kong markets, had the opportunity, among other things, to visit Polish production facilities specializing in poultry products. The chosen form of integration fostered the development of business relations between the European and Asian markets.

During visits to plants and meetings with representatives of the Polish poultry market, the experts had the opportunity to learn about its specifics. They learned about production methods, the principles of packaging finished products and the restrictive European rules on the rearing and slaughtering of European poultry, which guarantee high quality production.

The two delegations – from Japan and Hong Kong – visited plants in Karczew, Solec Kujawski and Siedlce. There they met with Polish export experts, who presented the foreign guests with the rich history of their companies and the growing business potential of Polish producers, who, thanks to European Union standards, have become one of the leading players on the poultry market in Europe.

The visit concluded with a seminar on “Southeast Asia – opportunities for development and export cooperation,” which included speeches by, among others, Michal Taberski and Maciej Lojek, entrepreneurs of Polish origin who have been developing their careers in Asian markets for years.

The National Poultry Council – Chamber of Commerce is an organization of more than 100 EU producers of poultry meat, eggs, down and feathers, which, among other things, implements activities that provide opportunities for cooperation with foreign partners supporting the continuous development and modernization of European poultry industry.