Poultry with a European passport
06 / 09

“Poultry with a European Passport” campaign at the HKTDC Food Expo 2023

“Poultry with a European Passport” campaign at the HKTDC Food Expo 2023

The HKTDC Food Expo took place between 17th and 21st August in Hongkong. Investors from all over the world attend this conference annually. This year’s edition was the first one since the lifting of the pandemic restrictions to include a public food exhibition with tasting opportunities on a large scale. A wide selection of agricultural and edible products from more than 20 countries was presented during the event.

The National Poultry Council – Chamber of Commerce was present as the promotor of the campaign. Along with a group of experts, the council promoted the high-standard poultry meat of European Union provenience.

Many B2B meetings were held during which the delegation was able to explore the needs of the international recipients. The customers from the Asian market were presented with the opportunity to learn about the restrictive standards of poultry meat production that are upheld within the European Union. The delegation described the requirements of transparency of the production chain and the rules of supervision enacted over the poultry farms to the potential contractors. It was explained that these factors ensure that the customer receives a product of high quality and is informed fully of the meat’s provenience. The meetings resulted in the exchange of valuable experiences and encouraged the building of new perspectives for future cooperation.

The National Poultry Council – Chamber of Commerce is an organisation associating with over 80 EU producers of poultry meat, eggs and feathers. One of its main goals is to support the growth and development of the European poultry production sector. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to participate in the event of such a grand scale. We encourage you to check the photo report.