Poultry with a European passport
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Seminar “European poultry and feathers in the Japanese market”

Seminar “European poultry and feathers in the Japanese market”

On November 13, 2023, a seminar under the title “Bringing European Chicken and Feathers to the Japanese market” was held in Tokyo. It was combined with a cooking show. The event was organized by the National Poultry Council – Chamber of Commerce as part of the “Poultry with a European Passport” campaign.

The event provided a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs from the Asian market to learn about high-quality European poultry and feathers and the strict production standards enforced in the European Union. The representatives of the local poultry industry, who participated in the event, were able to meet the members of the National Poultry Council- Chamber of Commerce, the organizer of the campaign.

A cooking show held by Artur Moroz, an expert in goose dishes and a world-famous chef, was an integral part of the seminar. The chef presented the attendees with chicken dishes.

After the seminar a number of B2B meetings took place. The group of experts from the European Union made contact with the representatives of local industry organizations. The discussions revolved around topics such as the development of Polish-Japanese cooperation in the field of export and import of poultry and feathers. Thanks to these meetings it was possible for the attendees to exchange valuable experiences and observations regarding the poultry farming industries in both countries.

National Poultry Council – Chamber of Commerce is an EU organization that unites more than 100 producers of poultry meat, eggs, feathers and down. Its main goal is to support further development and modernization of European poultry farming. The seminar that took place in Tokyo was one of many activities run by the National Poultry Council. The organization’s main objective is to promote high-quality meat from the European Union and establish business contacts with foreign investors. Check out the photo report of the event.