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Trade mission to Japan

Trade mission to Japan

A delegation of EU poultry exporters conducted a trade mission to Japan from 5-11 March 2023. The visited included business meetings with local importers and a visit to the FOODEX Japan Fair in Tokyo.

The short residency in Japan was filled with activities related to the promotion of strict production standards, taste qualities, and high quality of EU, including Polish, poultry.

A meeting between the delegation of EU experts and the  representatives of local industry organizations, including the Japan Meat Traders Association and the Japan Bedding Goods Association, was arranged. The discussion concerned the development of Polish-Japanese cooperation and the increase of exports of this product range to Japan.

The European poultry meat was promoted at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Tokyo during a special dinner for Japanese companies. Demonstration dishes with poultry as the main ingredient were served by esteemed and award-winning chef Artur Moroz, a specialist in goose dishes. The delegation members had also a Chance to meet with Japanese business representatives at the FOODEX Japan Trade Fair, which is one of the largest events of its kind in Asia. This year the event brought together 2,500 exhibitors from the food industry representing more than 60 countries and regions.